The Unicorn

Cornelia is the twin sister of Baldomero and like him, she has a 80% of animal DNA and a 20% of human DNA. She was born in the Spanish island of Menorca, but currently lives in Madrid. Her dream was always to be a unicorn and when she turned 18 and has saved some money, she implanted a horn in one of the best aesthetic clinics in the capital.

Cornelia is influencer, youtuber, Blogger, Instagramer, Facebooker, Broker and everything that ends in “-er”. She earns a living by promoting brands in her social networks. She is always asking for favors, is a little superficial and sometimes materialistic but at the same time is very likeable and affable.  She loves fashion and detox juices, which is all she eats. Cornelia goes from event to event looking for a man who fills her heart and her dressing room…