The Lion

Facundo is a 39 years old humanized lion, with a 65% of animal DNA and a 35% of human DNA. He is from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Canary Islands, Spain, where he works as public servant in the civil registration. He lives among documents, rubber stamps, signs and papers, thing that he does not really care, because he loves the monotony, and in addition, he can make a break every hour and a half, to take a coffe. Up to this point, everything would be fine, but unfortunately, he is narcoleptic and it is easy to find him taking a nap in his window.

When he leaves the office, he goes directly to his home and after dinner he enjoy to watch savage world documentaries on TV, although he always ends up sleeping for three hours or more.

On the weekends, he spend time with his family, going to the beach, or walking around the mall, but Sundays are sacred and he always spend the mornings washing and polishing his adored car, and after that, he loves to organize big barbecues in his garden, with family and friends, But his wife Genara, has always to keep an eye on him, and control that he does not fall asleep in to the grill, causing a fire, as it has happened in the past.