I have seen on your social networks, some figures, which have some inscription, or tattoos, or drawings, or even some type of more complex personalization. How can I order such a personalized piece?


It is very easy, just contact us via email at info@ornamante.com, explaining us what piece you want to buy and more or less in the type of customization you are thinking about. It would be great, if you can also attach a supporting image to us.

For example, if you want to surprise someone by giving a piece with one of the tattoos that person has on his body, then send us a photo of that tattoo.

Once we receive your email and we are able to see the difficulty of that personalization, we will answer you as soon as possible, informing you about the price and the steps you must do to make and confirm the order.



How long will it take until I receive my order?


Delivery time may vary depending on different factors, for example the stock we have of that model in that moment, or the difficulty in the type of customization you have asked us for.

From the moment you place an order, It usually takes between 1 to 6 weeks to be shipped.

Once we have shipped the piece, delivery time will vary depending on the destination country.

Anyway, if for example, you want to surprise someone by giving a piece, and you have a deadline, just contact us before making the purchase and we will inform you about that particular delivery time.



¿How much are the shipping costs?


Shipping costs are stipulated by our transport agency, and these costs may vary depending on the destination country.

If you want to know how much shipping to your address will cost,  just make a trial purchase on our online store. There, you will know the shipping costs once you enter the delivery address and before making the payment.

If you prefer, instead of that, you can also send us an email telling us the shipping address and we will respond as soon as possible.



Do the lamps include the Light bulb?


No, our lamps do not include the light bulb.

That’s because there are hundreds of possibilities on the market. Cold light bulbs or warm light bulbs, vintage bulbs or modern LED bulbs with different light intensities. There are also decorative bulbs in a lot of different shapes and sizes, so it’s preferable that each person choose the one that best suits in their homes or decoration.

But do not worry, in the “Technical Details” section you can see what kind of bulb and thread size you need to buy.



What material are pieces made of?


Each model has particular characteristics and due to this, we use different materials for each different model, among them, we use ceramic powder, marble powder resins or ecological water-based resins.

Anyway, in the “Technical Details” section of each piece, you will be able to see the material that piece is made of.



What kind of paint do you use?


We use different types of paint, depending on the design we have to do.

For example, we usually use sprayed acrylic paints for monochromatic pieces or with some combination of colors. For custom designs, we use different kind of paints, as acrylic paste, gouache, markers or powder pigments, etc. All this, finished with a last layer of varnish, to protect it.



Can I order my piece without painting?


We never deliver unpainted figures. At least we paint them completely in white. That layer of paint allows it to be easily cleaned.



Can I put the pieces outside? 


Our pieces are designed and made to be placed indoor, so to avoid damages caused by the elements and weather factors, we advise against placing them outdoor.

Anyway, if sometime we design any piece to be placed outside, we will specify it in the “Technical Details” section of that model.



How much do the pieces measure or weigh?


Each model has its own characteristics, measurements and weight, so in the “Technical Details” section of each piece, you will be able to see the information of each one.



Do you make all the models in different sizes?


You will be able to see the size of each model in the “Technical Details” section. In case a model has different sizes, we would also indicate it.



Are they unique?


The pieces are made one by one, in an artisanal way, with a mold, so each one has a different weight and characteristics. Additionally, the process to remove them from the mould and painting process, are also handmade. In that way, and with all these variations, we get all the pieces different to each other.

Furthermore, all the pieces are numbered on their base and we deliver them with a certificate of authenticity, which includes the same numbering that each piece has.



Do you have a point of sale in my city?


We have a physical point of sale and workshop, in Barcelona city center, in addition, we ship almost worldwide, purchases made in our online store.

Also, there are concept stores, in different cities, that sell some of our products, although they do not always have all the models.

It is important to know that due to the difficulty of making customized orders, this service is not offered through partner stores. So if you are interested in custom service, just contact us.

Anyway, if you want to know if there is a partner store in your city that sells our pieces, you just have to contact us and we will be happy to inform you.



I want to sell your products in my store. How can I do it?


It is very easy! Just send us an email with some information about your shop to info@ornamante.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.