We are Francisco and Xavier, two guys from Barcelona who love decoration, design, art and animals. By accidently stumbled upon some neglected folders in an Antique shop containing classified, old documents from a science project dating back to 1916. The papers contained information about a collective of international scientists who developed a project labelled “Ornamante”. It focused on the study of how to merge human and animal DNA to create humanized, highly evolved creatures which would integrate human traits and features. The aim was both to avoid the extinction of endangered species and, simultaneously, to provide help for patients suffering from what at the time were incurable diseases. The project achieved a high point of development, but it seems as if they didn’t get to physically create the creatures they had devised. Eventually, the project was cancelled and fell into oblivion. When we examined the documents, we were fascinated and filled with a mix of awe, curiosity and fear. We couldn’t stop but thinking what would have those species looked like had the Ornamante project been carried out to the end. How would they unfold? Would they be able to adapt to our environment? So many doubts arose!

So we decided to give shape everything we found in those documents filtering everything through our own imagination. We drew sketches, made prototypes and tests until we found an artistic expression for what we imagine was, not only the look of those bipeds, but also their personality. Their true essence and soul. We created all the pieces with our own hands. One by one. We decorated them and customized each and single one of them with a unique sense and identity. We are still searching on a daily basis through the documents we found and creating new species with the help of our imagination which will be revealed progressively. Our dream is to share with the world the art coming from a hidden, classified and fantastic story.

Francisco Aguilera

Francisco Aguilera. Interior designer and visual artist, he feels at ease with anything related to art development, be it painting, writing or cooking. If given a choice, he’d rather be surrounded by animals than people. And he loves to enjoy the small things in live, which are what actually bring joy to him.

Xavier Ferrer

Xavier Ferrer, interior and product designer, enjoys discovering new species around the planet. A sea lover, he adores the submarine world and is a fanatic of fantasy novels, treasure islands, underwater journeys and adventures in far away worlds. His imagination is always active, creating, thinking and dreaming. He defines himself as a little particle in the vast universe.