The Sphinx Cat

Carmina is a 36 year old Sphinx cat. With a 65% of animal DNA and a 35% of human DNA, she was born in Seville but works in Madrid as Key Account for an American corporation. She’s smart, cunning and very fast. Her job makes her look aggressive and serious sometimes. But it’s just a façade. She is most tender in her private life. When she’s at home, chilling out after a stressing day of work, she knits all kinds of wool clothes which she later presents to her friends and family.

She’s a vegetarian and allergic to dairy products. She’s also obsessed with miracle skin creams and is never satisfied with her own looks. She spends a fortune on herself and loves to go out for cocktails with her friends and share her multiple ephemeral affairs stories. She is a convinced single and is determined to keep her independence free of any strings attached to husbands or children.