The Hippo

Hipolito is a hippo with a 70% of animal DNA and a 30% of human DNA. He is 38 years old and was born in Teruel, a city located in the north of Spain, although at the age of five he moved with his family to a coastal town in the province of Barcelona.

Hipólito was never a great student. He left everything to the last minute and always had to study in the summer, to retake some classes in September.
He is kind of lazy but also patient and He distract himself just with the flight of a fly. He makes slow, long moves and he easily tires.

He has a couple of good friends with whom he meets up from time to time to watch a football game at the bar. Although he spends most of his time at home, specifically on the sofa, his favorite place, where he does his favourite hobbies like watching TV, eating pizza and having a nap for at least two hours a day.

He is currently unemployed but used to work as a municipal gardener in his town until some months ago.

Hipólito is unsuccessfully on the hunt for a partner online and buys stuff compulsively at late-night shopping TV-shows. His favourite item from them is his fluffy “snuggie”.