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Robustiana, is completely hand crafted in compact ceramic powder. Painted by acrylic painting and with matt finish.

Each piece is unique, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed and stamped by us.

Each figure is handmade and because of that, it is possible there were some variations from the picture. This is part of the handmade process and this is precisely the biggest charm they have, but we will try to minimize these variations between them.

There won’t be never two identical figures.


Hight              43 cm / 16.92 inches

Width             22 cm / 8.66 inches

Depth             24 cm / 9.49 inches


Robustiana is completely hand made and that can affect the final weight. Because of that, her wight varies between 4 and 6 kg.

Custom made:

We can also make different kind of personalized services, like painting Robustiana as you like, with a different colour or a combination of them to choose from. If you want your Robustiana customized, just contact us by our contact form and we will contact you.


Robustiana is fragile. Avoid crashes and falls. She is created only to be used indoor and we recommend not to put outside.


Just move the dust away by a dry or slightly humid cloth. Do not use never aggressive products nor solvent.

Delivery time:

Delivery time of this piece, may vary depending on the stock we have in this moment, or depending on the season of the year that we are, but usually, from the moment you place the order, It usually takes between 1 to 6 weeks to be shipped.

Anyway, if for example, you want to surprise someone by giving a piece, and you have a deadline, just contact us before making the purchase and we will inform you about that particular delivery time.

Additional Information
Weight 4 kg
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