Bichín B2,  is lazy and a bit apathetic, he likes to sampling all kind of snacks and junk food, he sleeps an average of 20 hours a day and he loves to have his belly caressed, however, only until he wants, when he has enough, he will let you know with his little claws …

Decorative  piece,  with light function, completely hand made one by one, in resin and painted with acrylic paint with matt finish.

The finish, and colours of these piece, are not customizable.

Bichín B2 Measures:

Hight              10 cm / 4 inches

Width             9 cm / 3,6 inches

Depth             10 cm / 4 inches

Bichín B2 the bionic mouse includes the E-14 lightbulb


Bichín B2 is fragile. Avoid crashes and falls. He was created only to be used indoor and we recommend not to put outside.


Just move the dust away by a dry or slightly humid cloth. Do not use never aggressive products nor solvent.

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Weight 1,5 kg