The Elephant

Eustaquio is an elephant with a 64% of animal DNA and a 36% of human DNA. His two huge and strong back legs have helped him to sit up, and hold up, his whole body weight. He is intelligent and very quiet, but when someone bothers him, he has courage to face anyone. He was born in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) where he completed his university medical studies. That led him to be a doctor, specializing in otolaryngology. Despite his large size, Eustaquio is a convinced vegetarian, he takes care of himself very much and his only vice confessable, is that he loves peanut butter sandwiches. He trains his memory doing sudoku and crossword puzzles and He has the strange habit of memorizing car license plates. He considers himself a sybarite and refined tastes person. He loves going to the opera, to the theater and to see foreign films in original version without subtitles, yes , he is so risky… He would like to find someone with whom share all his hobbies, but he is very shy and social networks are not his forte so he is still hoping to find the love of his life in a casual and romantic way…

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