The Fox

Rogelio is a 25 years old humanized fox, with a 54% of animal DNA and a 46% of human DNA. He is Asturian and lives in a small stone house at the foot of a mountain.

Rogelio, was abandoned when he was a little boy and he lived in an orphanage, until he was 16 years old, when his rebellious soul, made him broke out of orphanage, to discover the world and to be self-sufficient.

He works from home as an informatic hacker, for a different companies, and he does it basically at night, surrounded by cola drink, burgers, snacks and all kinds of junk food. During the day He sleeps or watches absurd television contest. His favourite tv show is Wheel of Fortune and He enjoys a lot when a contestant falls in the bankruptcy box.

On weekends, He usually goes to the forest, to lose contact with civilization, breath pure air and enjoy hiking.

He does not have friends, but he does not care, because He likes to be unnoticed. He defines himself as hater, and his social media profile does not have a photo because he uses it to write comments that generate controversy among users. Rogelio has no partner and he does not want to have it either, because he considers that it is enough to take care of himself and he prefers to enjoy sporadic, ephemeral and fast sex. Maybe someday, he will find someone who messes up his plans, for the moment, he is very happy like that. Although he seems very shy, he has a secret that makes him a good person, he donates anonymously 50% of his monthly income to the orphanage where he spent his childhood.