The Chinese crested

Although he likes people to call him Gummer, his real name is Gumersindo. He is a Chinese crested dog. He is 29 years old and has a 60% of animal DNA and a 40% of human DNA. He was born in Alcantarilla in the region of Murcia (south of Spain) but moved to Barcelona when he turned 18. He trained to be a hairdresser and opened his own business a few years after. He is crazy about the show business lifestyle and presents cross-dress shows at a vaudeville venue in the city. He likes to change his look, dye his hair, put extensions on it and wear coloured contact lenses. He eats little and bad food, usually the ready-for-microwave kind. He only feeds himself properly when he returns to the city from his village loaded with tupperwares with his mother’s home-made recipes. He is tired of one-night stands and is looking for a serious relationship to finally settle down and change this dog’s life of his. He’s always on top of the last trends on clothes and accessories and he would love to create his own perfume brand like Lady Gaga.